Matriots Ohio

May 6@4:30 p.m. Matriots and South Side Early Learning


The pandemic has once again pointed out how critical early learning and child care are for the economy and women’s ability to fully participate in it. Two-and-a-half million women quit their jobs since the pandemic began in order to care for their kids at home. While vaccination efforts have contributed to the reopening of the economy, the reality is the pandemic seems to have taken a toll on the availability of child care providers—further straining a system that was struggling with access issues before COVID-19. The Matriots PAC knows that when women hold elected office, the policy focus changes. Join Columbus City Councilmember Elizabeth Brown and Ohio House Reps. Allison Russo, Erica Crawley and Juanita Brent to talk about how they’re championing policy to reimagine how early childhood education is supported in the future. Matriots Founding Member Mary Cusick will moderate the conversation.